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Who We Are

Digital Enterprise Institute (DEI) is a new kind of knowledge network created to provide unique, cutting-edge insights and answers to the leaders and enterprises navigating digital transformation and the convergence of emerging technologies. 

Born out of The Outsourcing Institute & Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI (IRPA AI),   the new Digital Enterprise Institute is focused on identifying the best ideas and solutions that drive holistic transformation and digitization within enterprises because that is where all leading industries are headed at breakneck speed.

At this key inflection point, enterprises are seeing the convergence of emerging technologies with business operations & digital transformation as they re-think their business processes, organizational structure and sourcing, pricing & revenue models to adopt to a new Digital world. With the advancement of new tech in blockchain, AI, analytics, IoT & cyber-security, fueled by significant acceleration in cloud and mobile, as well as new business models rapidly disrupting the old, there has never before been such opportunities for those seeking better, faster, and often still, lower-cost services.

Image by Nick Fewings
Image by Sincerely Media

The DEI Difference

1. Credibility & Focus

We were the 1st neutral professional association for outsourcing, for RPA & one of the first for AI in enterprise business. Our trusted brands and specialization make us uniquely suited for organizations focusing on these areas, as we’ve covered the space the longest and it’s all that we do every day.


2. No “Pay to Play” Rankings

Our research doesn’t allow for “pay to play” rankings or pigeon-holing providers. Instead, our team of analysts continually cover the space, speaking to both clients and providers across our member network, keeping an eye out for evolving customer needs and emerging solutions and tech. Any bespoke research will always be unbiased & transparent.


3. Voice of the Customer

Data is meaningless without context and commentary from practitioners, the people who are actually  running businesses and live this everyday, which is why we tap into our tens of thousands of client members to focus primarily on the “Voice of the Customer”.


4. Global Marketplace

Our 130k+ member network gives us worldwide distribution & access to executives, subject matter experts & providers, providing a virtually unlimited reach and truly wholistic perspective.

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