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Data on a Touch Pad

Getting you the best answers from the top global experts,

for your most important digital transformation initiatives.

Peer-to-peer insights. Delivered.

Every digital transformation leader faces important questions on a daily basis. Which innovators are creating tomorrow's solutions today? Where is my competition innovating in unexpected ways? Who are the thought leaders at the cutting edge of research and discovery? Who are the best new partners to work with in my digital transformation journey?

Powered by our network of 130K+ working executives, hundreds of industry subject matter experts  & thought leaders, and dozens of academics and researchers at the top of their respective fields,  we curate the best insights available, provide a wide range of expert opinions  and get you access to  resources to help solve any problem.

Our Difference

Working with large consulting or analyst organizations to answers these questions can be expensive and time consuming, and often yields answers prepared from secondary sources, a single analyst's opinion or even influenced by "pay to play" models. DEI offers a new way to find the right answers, solutions and experts, right from the source.

Our Model: unbiased,  marketplace-based research, advice & ongoing coaching, aggregated & curated  by a team of industry-leading subject matter experts.

And  we can take on your most time-sensitive and complex research and insight discovery task — from finding the right research, the right vendor, the right technology, or even the right collaborator for your most critical digital transformation initiatives. We work quickly and effectively, powered by our global network; one call to our team and we are ready to take on your most important and urgent research, expert connection, and solution identification needs. You will also have full access to our peer client groups, to gain & share immediate feedback with other executives.

Trusted by the Very Best

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Project Portfolio

Below are just some of the custom research projects we have delivered for clients.

Research Synthesis and Analysis

We helped a leading manufacturing company understand the to researchers and thoughts leaders driving new ideas in its industry.

Vendor Identification and Due Diligence

We helped a media company evaluate competing technology vendors in order to determine best fit for our client's digital transformation needs.

Solution Readiness Analysis

We helped a UK bank understand an innovative new technology solution prior to a large multi-consulting investment and multi-year deployment.

IP Review and Analysis

We helped a software company evaluate a promising startup's core innovation and market growth plans prior to acquisition.

Researcher Identification and Collaboration

We helped a U.S. industrial major identify the right academic partner for a multi-year research & development collaboration project.

Put the power of our network to work for you today.

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