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Private Peer Executive Groups designed and delivered with top industry experts and research leaders help digital transformation execs make better decisions.

Peer-to-Peer Executive Client User Groups

Peer-to-Peer Executive Client Use Groups reduce information overload to optimize executives' decision-making by bringing together a private inner-circle of business  execs, strategists, industry specialists, and working digital leaders, to collaborate on top challenges currently being faced by executives.


Our monthly meetings bring together the group to get advice from experts in the field and debate best practices and solutions to common problems . Each participant plays a role in cutting through the noise to bring their learnings to the table and help the group arrive at the critical information as quickly as possible. Ongoing dialogue further sparks insight creation. 

Members may also post questions & feedback in our private member forum,  request an assistance call from the group in between meetings for any urgent issues they are facing, or be introduced to another member who can help them solve their problem 1-on-1. 

Our proprietary, expert-driven groups are designed to combat the drivers of executive information overload & help executives make better decisions when they need it most.


True subject-matter experts & technologists working at the cutting-edge of digital transformation


The researchers & innovators  creating new technologies and methods that are changing how
the best companies operate.


Leaders & founders from the best global brands looking for expert innovation, peer guidance and
the latest research

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Not enough time to process

There are not enough hours in the day to process the information available. It is difficult if not impossible for executives to find time outside of their rigorous schedules to ingest information.

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Not enough time to learn

Disruptive technologies can require highly specialized skills to understand. Staying on top of and truly understanding the latest technology requires more time than an executive can dedicate. 

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Too many information sources

The number of critical issues and information sources are growing faster than ever. Executives are often unaware of where to look for the latest trusted information. 

Today's executives face more information than they can effectively process on a daily basis, leading to information overload.

There's simply a point at which another piece of data or another opinion to consider hurts decision-making performance.

Our capacity to find all important data, process it effectively, and make correct decisions is limited.

This is a critical problem to overcome when trying to stay ahead of the fast-paced world of digital transformation.
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In this white paper, Information Rich, Attention Poor, DEI Chief Research Officer Carlos Alvarenga explains information overload, how it leads to a loss of competitiveness and offers suggestions for ways to overcome it.

To download the white paper, click on the link below.

Read Peter G. Roetzel's research on information overload.

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