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The Journey From Outsourcing

The outsourcing journey began 25+ years ago and while the revenue decline shows no signs of turning around anytime soon, we are seeing a rapid increase in the market for digitally-fueled service offerings. This article explores the journey from the traditional outsourcing model to the new digital era.

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Digital Convergence E-Book

This e-book is a complete guide to transforming your enterprise for the digital age, and explores the emergence of new digital process models, delivering 50% back order volume with advanced digital tech, end-to-end digital process transformation, achieving customer self service by leveraging AI and digital labs and more.

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Predicting The Future With Frank Casale

In this episode, Tom Young, Managing Partner at Rumjog, and Frank Casale, Founder at The Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI, discuss future trends, including how different demographics are using technology, whether there will be consolidation amongst existing industry players, the importance of reinvention, and advancing technologies in Healthcare.

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Event Presentation

Digital Convergence Conference 2018 Presentations: Reach the Peak in your Digital Transformation Journey

This presentation, delivered by Tim Leger, Senior Vice President, Business Process Transformation at Sutherland, dives into the steps you need to take to plan your digital transformation journey, how to identify your drivers, how to develop a comprehensive strategy and more.

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Digital Transformation – Taking Shared Service Models to the Next Level of Performance

Shared services are a well-established key lever in business transformation, leveraging centralized operations, standardization of business processes and platforms to reduce costs of operations. View this webinar replay to learn how digital transformation and the new generation of shared services can simplify operations, lower cost to serve and provide analytics and provide continuous improvement in services.

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Expert Interview: Walmart Explores Starting And Scaling

Walmart’s Senior Manager and Principal Technology Manager, talks about how to get started and scale with transformation, how to balance the need for speed of transformation and innovation with governance and more.

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