Sales, Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities

Reach buyers of digitally-fueled solutions or automation & AI to maximize your marketing ROI

Assistance for Service & Software Providers

Our vendor-geared services are aimed at helping to provide you a scalable sales & marketing channel (branding, thought leadership, lead generations) to reach clients predisposed to buying digital technology-based services as well as the right Go-To-Market strategies (products, targeting, tools) to accelerate market penetration and win new business through our network of over 100,000 industry professionals.

Marketing, Branding/Awareness & Thought Leadership

Leverage our channel network & industry influence to rapidly grow awareness or market penetration, integrating both events & online content-based thought leadership to accelerate getting your brand, product or messaging into the marketplace and in front of executives predisposed to the services you offer. Here’s some example of what we can do for you:

  • Webinar, Whitepaper, Case Study and Interview Content Creation & Publishing
  • Speaking sessions at annual member conferences, roadshows and meetings
  • Branding at events or on DEI websites & newsletters

Sales Channel/Lead Generation

If you need a tailored lead generation and sales machine, we can help. This service offers relationship-building, lead generation and appointment-setting derived from a targeted campaign leveraging our network of executives and monthly member activity to build and consistently fill your pipeline with the right buyers at the right time.

  • We plug you into multiple online and offline membership mechanisms
  • Create content & exposure opportunities that helps differentiate you from competitors
  • Educate, Connect & Convert with your target audience consistently throughout the year
  • Leverage our years of industry sales & marketing experience to achieve an outcome-centric approach

Partner Connect Programs

Is your goal to connect with potential industry partners and influencers to accelerate strategic sales growth? Leverage our network & influence to help facilitate connections and relationships with and/or co-market with potential industry partners and influencers. Some features of the Partner Connect Program include:

  • Speaking sessions with partners/potential partners of your choice at our upcoming events, webinars or content publishing opportunities
  • Planning calls and meetings with the partner of your choice facilitated by us
  • Invites to potential partners of your choice to attend the event as your guest
  • Introduction facilitation with your partner targets

Content Creation, Sponsorship & Distribution

Do you need assistance with creating engaging and timely content? Leverage our industry sales & marketing experience and team of in-house subject matter experts, writers and designers to create industry content or be an extension of your in-house team to ghostwrite pieces on your behalf. In addition to creating content, we’re also able to develop and execute campaigns to deliver the content to your target audience. Here’s a few examples of the content we create:

  • Whitepapers/Case studies
  • E-Books
  • Video Interviews
  • Sales Collateral

Event Sponsorships & Speaking Opportunities

Choose from a variety of industry-leading member conferences, roadshows & roundtable events to network, form new relationships share your story, establish thought leadership & present case studies with our most active members.
View our upcoming events here . Take a look at some stats from our 2019 event attendees:

  • 83% have full responsibility, control or directly influence where the budget is spent
  • 56% aim to invest in digital technologies within six months
  • 50% of buyer attendees are interested in connecting with providers to learn about the latest solutions

Agency Services & Event Management

If you’re interested in organizing your own content campaign or event, we can help. Our world-class content & event management experience and team can help create, plan, promote & run your content campaign or event completely turn-key, with or without leveraging our neutral industry brand or marketing channel. Specifically, we can:

  • Assist with securing leading industry speakers
  • Build and design email marketing and social media campaigns
  • Write, design and execute content campaigns
  • Build your custom event turn-key using our in-house events team

Go-to-Market Strategy

This offering will assist you in determining what businesses to be in, what models to employ, defining commercials, designing and executing sales plans and training your team for the new digital sale. Here’s how we’re unique in delivering this service:

  • By leveraging our deal desk, member forums and media business, we are continually speaking to clients about their needs, concerns and opportunities.
  • We have the intel that we need to advise vendors on how to approach deals with potential clients.
  • Being at the center of the digital, automation, AI & outsourcing ecosystems gives us a unique perspective of the technology landscape and potential gap-filling synergies in their solutions.