Digital Exchange Solutions (DEX)

DEX will provide process-led automation solutions through our integrated automation and digital services marketplace.

Assistance for Enterprise Buyers

Our buyer geared services will assist you with finding the right combination of providers and partners or developing /evaluating your enterprise transformation, process automation or digital technology strategy and provide you with the resources to successfully achieve your goals and meet your ROI requirements.

Business Transformation Strategy & Advisory Services

We assist executives with driving business optimization, meeting efficiency goals and reviewing the client’s automation/digital transformation strategies and programs by utilizing data, automation, processes transformation and technology. In addition, we focus on creating or assessing and fine-tuning the client’s current digital road-map by outlining any gaps and corrective measures. We can:

  • Create a digital transformation strategy to address the challenges and opportunities with technology and key operational performance processes or metrics
  • Assist with the selection of the tools, platforms and vendors that fit your needs
  • Establish a metrics-driven culture, process maps & metrics baselines to evaluate the success of your transformation projects
  • Assess/validate business processes, technology platforms, systems & infrastructure to confirm cost structure, determine scalability and evaluate key processes for stability
  • Use our digital discovery tools to support Private Equity, Hedge Fund and Family Office clients in assessing, reviewing and advising on potential investments and/or acquisitions.

Digital Product & Services Exchange

This service is the world’s premier integrated, digital and automation solutions marketplace that connect clients and providers. Providers are matched with clients through a set of sophisticated proprietary needs assessment and lead qualification processes and tools. Initial capabilities are:

  • Advisory Services & Provider Certification
  • Templates Program Management
  • Implementation Oversight & Delivery Milestone Verification
  • Payment Escrow Services

Provider Solution Match

The Provider Solution Match is aimed to assess the needs of clients and match them with best in class vendor options. We will manage, direct and assist in the execution of the RFPs/ selection process. Our key focus areas are business process transformation & optimization, IT strategy & governance, architecture design & consulting, data strategy & mapping, process enabled automation. Specifically, we will do the following:

  • Assess and re-engineer business processes, technology applications and platforms to support business goals.
  • Design and outline solutions that enhance the client experience
  • Improving operational performance to support growth and stability of the business.

Automation COE Development

This service assists the client in developing an organizational capability and structure of a Center of Excellence (COE) that will be built out in a manner that permits the clients to develop a continuous improvement strategy. We have two options that can be pursued, which are:

  • BOT: Build-Operate-Transfer where we buildout the COE and then transfer ownership back to the firm once it has been built out
  • BOM: Build-Operate-Manage where we build and manage the COE on an ongoing basis