How We Can Help

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Beyond individual membership benefits of education and networking opportunities, DEI offers a plethora of proactive, ongoing initiatives to help organizations navigate their digital enterprise transformation journey, whether it be assisting buy-side organizations with strategy or selecting the right solutions, or providers who need go-to-market strategy assistance or sales & marketing channels.
Assistance for Enterprise Buyers

Our buyer geared services will assist you with finding the right combination of providers and partners or developing /evaluating your enterprise transformation, process automation or digital technology strategy and provide you with the resources to successfully achieve your goals and meet your ROI requirements.

Assistance for Service & Software Providers

Our vendor-geared services are aimed at helping to provide you a scalable sales & marketing channel (branding, thought leadership, lead generations) to reach clients predisposed to buying digital technology-based services as well as the right Go-To-Market strategies (products, targeting, tools) to accelerate market penetration and win new business through our network of over 100,000 industry professionals.