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Message From the Chairman


When we first launched this focus area in the form of a conference two years ago, the idea was to introduce, educate and connect business and tech leaders as the interest in understanding and initiating a digital journey was a priority. Now that most of you have started and many are making good progress the bad news is that just about all are moving too slow. I realize that this isn’t easy. I realize that research evaluations take time and that politics tends to take you sideways if not take you out altogether.

These are all legitimate excuses; however, the inconvenient truth is that there is a digital arms race out there and it will take no prisoners. There will be winners and losers. The majority of the winners will be the young born in the cloud players in your industry. Why? Because they don’t need to transform.

To quote Lady Gaga, they were “born this way”, so they are ready today. Born digital, cloud-based, fully automated, AI fueled and with no ball and chain of legacy systems or people. They are eating into your market share on a daily basis.
Is this unfair? Sure! But who said this was about being fair? It’s about winning, and we are here to help you win.

How? Getting you to meet to top experts, helping you to learn from the most successful practitioners, sharing the latest trends and best practices, cautioning you about the most common pitfalls, and introducing you to powerful and game changing digital tech that will cut costs, increase efficiencies and provide the competitive edge you are seeking.
So, while you are likely not where you need to be at this time in this digital arms race, we are still mid race and you can still win. We will be a source not only of education but also of acceleration.

While that ticking sound be a time bomb for others, we will help make sure is a stop watch clocking your ever- increasing speed into the digital winners circle.